Graphic drawings


The process of my drawing is like automatic writing. A graphic landscape of mind. In contrast, my paintings are much more loaded with plastic material. They are like the expression of the body.
Something is not conscious when I am drawing. I am aware that, at the same time, I know what I want to do but not the end result. I fix on paper the ink of my mind. Like a flow in an obsessive way, strata of memories, emotions felt, fragments of travel.
I can register on paper, mountains I crossed in Laddakh, sections of trees I saw in Angkor Watt, nuns I met in a monastery in India. Bodies imprint as memories. It is like a kind of cartography of my travel
and my mind.
The role of time is important, much ‘the make’ of the present moment than in the meaning of the drawing. I question the body, it’s presence between appearance and deletion. I etch bodies on paper. I mix bodies, pieces of bodies, areas of bodies. Sometimes transformed, erased, androgynous, carnal imprinted on graphic surfaces. Most of them also have tattoos engraved in their skin, like a mark of life, a rite of passage. The fineness of the line is in tune with the fineness of the bodies, like a landscape.


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“Perspective”, “Touch”, “My mountain my battle”, “Kiss”, “Good Bye Spiti” drawings series combines ink and some part of mountains from my photography in Spiti valley and Ladakh , “land of high pass” in state of Jammu and Kashmir in 2015.

The Spiti valley is a desert mountain valley located high in the Himalaya mountain in the north-eastern part of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The name “Spiti” means “The middle Land”, the land between Tibet and India.

For me, mountains speak about female beauty, almost carnal.

Mountains and bodies embrace each other in graphics landscapes. The story of somes of the tattoo on a skin of these women drawed like “Kiss”, “Touch”, “Freeyourself” and “My mountain, my battle” come from my travel in North of Philippines in 2014, 2015 and 2016 in Buscalan, a hidden village in a mountain of the Luzon island. They are traditional Kalinga tattoo maker by Whang Od, one of the oldest ladies in the tribe. I draw the tattoo with black ink in paper, but Whang od’s working material is a coconut bowl to mix water, charcoal and the sweet potato that will provide texture to the mix and a nail made out of a joined to a bamboo stick. Within the tribal culture the tattoo symbolizes feminine beauty and male courage. I spent many months in Philippines and I get these traditional tattoos on my two arms. I feel this Philippino culture in my skin and I represent it in my drawings as well.

Mountains are the place of solitude, deep energy, spirituality, power, introspection and risk taking. Peaks of mountains attract and seduce me as they inspire me. Their lines on the photography that extend on the paper and dissolve into the space track down my long solitaire walk on this dry, harsh and sparsely populated of people.

“Good Bye Spiti” was born from my meeting with a group of nuns in a Buddhist monastery in Spiti valley, locates at 4116 meters of altitude, called “Kye monastery”. I spent several days with them, sharing their Buddhist ceremonies surrounded by their path of tantra.

Each drawing and motif tells my travels story, my intimates meetings and my longs solitary walk…

New colours serie


Night Vision – 500x650mm – Technique mix – Marion BOP – 11.2016 – New Zealand

Black and White serie

Strata of time

  Strata of times – 290×330 mm – 06.2016 – ink and water color on paper
court circuit
 Court circuit – 190×330 mm – 06.2016 – ink on paper – New Zealand
l'amours court toujours
 L’amour court toujours – 190x330mm – 06.2016 – ink on paper – New Zealand
kissKiss – 330x270mm – 06.2016 – Photography of Laddakh and Ink on paper
humans connections 001
Humans connections – 330x210mm – 06.2016 – ink on paper


Freeyourself – 500x650mm – 06.2016 – ink on paper


Touch – 297×420 mm – 06.2016 – photography of Laddakh and ink on paper



Good Bye Spiti – 329x483mm – 06.2016 -Picture of nones in Spiti Valley in India with Ink on paper


Ma montagne, ma bataille ‘My mountain, my battle‘ -329x483mm – 06.2016 – Picture of mountains from Laddakh and ink on paper


Persperctive -329x483mm- 06.2016 – Picture of mointains of Laddakh and ink on paper


Alchimix – 500x500mm – 2015 – Ink on paper


Le rêve d’Adam – 650x500mm – 2014 – Ink on paper

Le rêve de Dali – 70x93cm - 2011 Dessin à l’encre de Chine

Le rêve de Dali – 700x903mm – 2011 – Ink on paper

Bizarro – 75x75cm – 2012 Dessin à l’encre de Chine

Bizarro – 750x750mm – 2012 – Ink on paper


Les mondes perdus – 550x430mm – 2013 – Ink on paper

Inconscience - 75x92cm – 2012 Dessin à l’encre de Chine

Inconscience – 750x920mm – 2012 – Ink on paper

rose me tender courbe

Rose me tender -,860x625mm – 2013 – Ink on paper

l'effet pa papillon

L’effet papillon – 350x465mm – 2013 – Ink on paper


Copeira – 500x355mm – 2014 -Ink on paper, water color, graphic

Vénus; dim

Vénus – 355x510mm – 03.2015 – Ink on paper, water color

Kalinga wife

Kalinga wife – 2015 – Ink on paper


Run – 210x297mm – 2014- encre de Chine, aquarelle, encre, tipex, stylo –


Smoke – 210×2,7mm – 2014 – Encre de Chine, aquarelle, acide, graphite, stylo


Ecrin – 21×29,7cm – 2014 – Encre de Chine



No – 210x297mm – 2014 – Encre de Chine, Acide, Aquarelle, stylo


Rivière noire – 355x500mm – 2014 – Encre de Chine sur papier , aquarelle, stylo, poudre de graphite


Stalactite – 355×500 mm -ink on paper, water color- 05.2015


Entrailles – A4 – Encre de Chine sur papier, stylo, aquarelle. – 12.2014